Creative Landscapes

This project is at a point somewhere along the road from concept to actualisation. It is conceived as the coming together of various creative practices, namely the written word, photography and soundscapes. With a working title of Creative Landscapes, this is an exploration of the in-betweens. CL’s point of view could be described as a nexus between imagined geographies and experienced landscapes, understood in all the sensorial atmospheres that this includes. In relation to the photographic aspect of the project, I use digital tools in the development process that allow for the coexistence of contradictory elements to be represented: fantasy and reality, familiarity and unfamiliarity, belonging and foreignness, absence and presence or the many moments in-between…

NB: All texted provided are snippets taken from works that I have written.

Là, dans une respiration rocheuse, j'entends les miettes des étoiles filantes

qui pressent

vers mon cœur distendu

Elles battent les plumes charnelles

Et je leur fait appel

à ses ailes aimantes qui se dévoilent au rythme du crépuscule

When the salt flats meet the water, the falling sun curls over, and her footprints are forever marked in the sand

Pull the mountain closer. Opening further.

Avec le sucré de raisin cassé

Nos peaux sont collantes, fourmillées

et nos pieds s’enfoncent dans la terre asséchée.

Mes doigts te cherchent, comme de l'eau, dans une histoire à peine commencer.

Un lâcher-prise dégoulinant

sur la poussière d'été.

Crevasses crack and water flows by unnoticed.

Lots more to come --- Beaucoup plus à venir

how does skin come to feel when rocks move, perpetually, solidly, invisibly?

What landscapes have our eyes fallen upon, uniquely, at the same time?